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K3 couples

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September 30th, 2006

09:45 pm
Ok, so is the K-3 thing new for spouses?

I married a Canadian. We live in Canada now, and I'm doing my permanent residency in Canada. However, we'd rather live in USA, and now are ready to take the plunge if this K-3 thing is as easy as it seems. I've looked on the USCIS site all day trying to figure it out. Has anyone recently done this?

I'm wondering how long it will take before we can actually move down there. And then how long after that will it be for him to work?

Can you send everything off at the same time? or is it in steps? (I-30, I-129f, and Work Authorization)?

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June 19th, 2006

10:30 pm - Green Card!!!
We have our green card!!! For reference, here are some of our stats:

Type of application: I130 (Petition for relative/spouse)
Filed from: USA
Time from application to greencard interview: 1 year
Visa Center: California
Embassy: London
Attorney: yes
Cost: approx. $3000, including attorney and immigration fees

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May 6th, 2006

11:20 pm
The I130 is approved, the paperwork complete and en route to the Embassy in London. It should arrive in the next couple of days.

All we are waiting on is the call to schedule the medical and interview. Any ideas how long this part takes?


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January 13th, 2006

12:46 am
FINALLY got my resident card in the mail the other day...

no more INS for 2 YEARS!!! yay :)

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December 29th, 2005

11:06 pm
With the craziness of Christmas I forgot to update that Mike and I got a notification on Dec 23rd that our petition was approved!!! yay.

So we just have to go in and get my card... and then we're immigration free for 2 years :D

Now I can finally go visit home again :)

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01:50 pm - I-130 approved!!!
Finally some real progress after 8 months. Our attorney said we have another 1-2 months before we are invoiced and all the final paperwork is sent to the national processing center. After that, our case goes to the embassy in London and his interview is scheduled. I keep getting so confused. Thankfully my husband is keeping it all straight for us. We're thinking April he'll have his green card. We're so glad we decided not to go for the K-3 back in November. It wouldn't likely have been approved by now and we'd have just wasted a ton of money.

Does anyone have recent experience with processing times at the embassy in London? How long did it take from the I-130 approval to the green card approval, etc?

Best to everyone!

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December 20th, 2005

03:55 pm - Approved!!
Oh boy, what a day. We left this morning at 8am and drove to downtown Atlanta. Found the place, paid freaking $8 to park and got in line in 27F weather outside the building. Went through the security thing and they told us to go to the 2nd floor. Went up and placed our itnerview letter in a basket and waited. 10mins later, my name was called. Noticing that when names of others were called, they simply were given a paper and told to go somewhere else. So I left sp0n with our stuff and went up to the lady who asked where my husband was. So I got sp0n and we followed her into a room where we were made to swear to tell the truth and nothing but the truth. We had to stand up and raise our right hand while she said it. When she was done she looked at us and we looked at each other and then I said "ermm.. what do we say?" She told us to say yes or no. Well who would say no but anyway when that was done we sat down and she double checked our address and phone no. Then asked me what my full name was, my date of birth and my parents names. Then she proceeded to ask me if I had ever been arrested, did drugs, was a terrorist or communist or intended to practice polygamy. nononono. Then she asked me where I worked and asked sp0n where he worked and asked for the letter from his employer as well as copies of 2 latest paystubs and his copies of his taxes. She took my passport, cancelled out my old K3 visa, stamped it and told us we were approved. She then asked for my work authorisation card (which was stolen in the break in) and I told her about it and told her I had the police report. She said I should report it, then said she'd put a note on my file for me and took a copy of the report. And that was it.

She did not ask for photos and the tons of evidences I brough (bills, lease, insurance etc with our names on it). It's 10days short of our 2yr anniversary so we get the 2yr conditional card instead but at this point I'm just happy that this hurdle is over. We'll deal with the next $205 hurdle when it comes in 1yr and 9mths time. heh.
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful

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December 16th, 2005

06:08 am - Questions about K-3
Hi, I'm an American citizen married to an Australian citizen. We married April of 2005. We have been working hard since then attempting to get me there, but my husband called the immigration department the other day and asked some questions and he said it doesn't look good for getting me there anytime soon. So, we put the brakes on and switched quickly into reverse. Now we are going to try to move him here. We have are going to be sending in all of the I-130 paperwork Monday, then we are going to apply for the I-129F.

My first question is this: Once the I-129F is approved how long is the wait approximately until he can actually come here to be with me while we wait for the I-130? What else will we have to do once the I-129F is through? Will he then be able to come right over here or will he have to go through an interview or medical exam? We have plenty of money saved up considering we were planning on moving me to Australia and the cost of fees for moving there is much, much more expensive. We feel really prepared for the US visa process after going through the process for the AU visa, but I don't want to get overconfident. Guess there are a few questions in there, but anyway moving on.

Will it help that he speaks English already and that he has an advanced diploma in computer systems, and a diploma in engineering technology, or will this be irrelevant?

Will it hurt that I have not yet gotten my GED? I'm 18 and I dropped out less than a year ago. I am working almost full time at the present and I plan on getting my GED at some point but haven't had the chance yet, will this hurt us at all?

The USCIS told me when I called that I should get the I-797 notice back in 2-4 weeks and then they said the I-129F would take approximately 1-2 months to be accepted. I was taking this to mean after that he would be able to then come live with me and work but is there more to it?

Any information or experience would be helpful. Thanks

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November 18th, 2005

04:29 pm - Affidavit of Support/K3
So, I'm finally almost there at the embassy level, but now I have a problem showing enough money for the affidavit of support. I moved back from Germany in 2004 and I started working half-way throught he year. My income for that year is not enough. Since this year is not over, I don't have enough to meet the poverty guideline. It's hard for me to find a co-sponsor. I don't have any family who can do it and since I just moved back, I don't have any close friends. Are there any ways or suggestions to get around this? Can you add money from the bank or someone else to reach the poverty guideline?
I'm feeling really helpless right now. I would be willing to pay money for a co-sponsor, but I have no one to ask.

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October 27th, 2005

08:13 am
Finally, Finally My husband Greig has gotten an interview date for November 25th at the U.S embassy in London. We are so thrilled, finally an end to the madness will come soon. Now he is nervous, and im nervous for him(he lives in Scotland, Im in Florida) Any words of wisdom for him for the interview? Any questions he should be prepared to answer that we might not think of? THANKS

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